Rezoning Repercussions​

Yesterday, Jeffery Solochek, of the Tampa Bay Times, posted an article regarding the parents who fought the rezoning that took place in Pasco for this school year, requesting reimbursement for their legal expenses to be covered by the school district. In January, Judge Kimberly Sharpe Byrd found the school district had violated the Sunshine Law with regards to the committee that had been formed to explore the possibility of rezoning.

The article states, “The School Board plans to hold a closed-door session on Tuesday to discuss next steps in this case.” My question is, why hold a “closed-door session” to determine how to move forward when part of the issue is the violation of the Sunshine Law? Another question that surfaces as well is, who is holding the School Board accountable in a closed-door session to stay just on this topic and not discuss other matters that the public must have the opportunity to have public comment on.

What are your thoughts on the rezoning, the parent’s response, and the closed-door session?


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