Life Is Too Precious

I am looking at this coming week with joy and excitement because I get to spend time with family from Pennsylvania. I get to see family I’ve not seen in a few years, some of whom couldn’t walk the last time I saw them. I also get to spend time with my dad.

As I approach this week, with all the excitement I am thinking of how precious life is, and how it can be gone so quickly. I am reminded of March 28, 2017, when I was finishing my lunch at work and my mother coming into the breakroom and giving me her phone.

My Dad and I with Mickey Mouse for my birthday in March 2017

I see my dads name on the screen and I think maybe a cousin was in an accident or someone got bad news. No, I was the one about to get the bad news. That morning, my father had a heart attack. This began his fight for a new normal. Through the hospital stay, we learned that when he had been here, just a week before, he had also had a heart attack. The first heart attack happened mere hours before we drove to Orlando, and did many of the roller coasters at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

I am grateful that he is able to come down and celebrate another birthday with me, albeit early. I am excited to see my cousins family, as well as my aunt and uncle. I am so happy to be able to share one of my favorite places with them, while they are on spring break.

After my dad’s heart attack, and more recently, after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, I am overwhelmed by the preciousness of life. I get to do many things with my family next week during their spring break and yet, there are families who will never plan a spring break with their child again. They will never celebrate a birthday again. There will be no graduations. They will never argue or laugh with their again.


Please, take the time you have to love your family and friends. Life is too precious to worry about the little things.

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