School Safety Survey

In the last two weeks, there has been a consistent discussion about School Safety. Through my interaction with consitueints throughout Pasco County I have gotten two questions, “What do you think about arming our teachers?” and “How are you going to keep the students safe?”

Both of these are valid questions given the current climate and the information spreading through social media and the cable news outlets. In this, I wanted to do a survey of people in Pasco County to see what they thought about these things. Are our schools safe, and should we arm our teachers?

To answer these questions, and more, please complete the survey which can be found by clicking on the big “SCHOOL SAFETY SURVEY” on the bottom of this post. I will be compiling the results in a few weeks.


Phone (727)491-5178 E-mail Hours FB @MeghanForPascoSchools Paid by Meghan E. Hamer, Nonpartisan for Pasco County School Board, District 3
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